Thursday, June 3, 2010

About Me: Some [scrappy] things I know you know, and maybe some you don’t:

  • I’ve always enjoyed photography and I’m happy to be living in these digital times.
  • I’ve created scrapbooks since I was in middle school.
  • I enjoy [modern, acid-free] scrapbooking and find it to be more than a way to preserve my photos.
  • I like the artsy – craftsy outlet it gives me.
  • I describe my [scrapbook / life?] style as simple and graphic with a little whimsy thrown in for fun.
  • It’s been so nice these last few years to have a spot to leave my ‘stuff’ out and accessible so I can create whenever the mood hits me. And sometimes tweak things over and over [and over again.]
  • I enjoy challenges – sketches in particular & love to see how I can make one my own.
  • Contests and challenges are fun to enter [when I’m in the mood and when I have the time.]
  • I most always start with the photos and papers and title. Many times I must remind myself to add embellishments.
  • I may, on occasion, do a layout with photos from friends / family but I’ve never grabbed photos of unknown people to meet a contest requirement. Somehow that just doesn’t set well with me because I scrap to preserve photos & memories not for the design skills alone.
  • Over the years I’ve realized that my creativity flows better when I have fewer choices to make so I’ve started limiting my supplies. [The exception? Alphabet stickers – love them. And I know I have way too many.]
  • Fonts? It’s overwhelming to me to have hundreds and hundreds available – I work better when there’s only ten or so to choose from.
  • Papers and embellishments? With the recent closing of so many companies, I don’t have a favorite line at the moment.
  • For me, kits are the way to go. Kits have lots of coordinated product and I have given myself permission to use as much as I want since I know another kit will be coming every month. I get this one and this one.
  • No more saving [hoarding] stuff for a layout that’s ‘worthy’ of the product, I use it NOW.
  • No more buying stuff just because it’s on sale and I might use it ‘someday.’ [I laughed at something I read a few months back, “Why am I rushing to buy stuff that no one else wanted in the first place, just because it’s cheap?”]
  • And I’m passing on the things I no longer use; sure it costs me a bit to ship each month – but I hope it brightens another person’s day. And I’d love to see something they create with it!
  • Tools? I can’t scrap without my Fiskars or Making Memories trimmers, small scissors from Wal-mart [three in a package], crop-o-dile, tweezers, border punches, metal ruler, craft knife, and Creative Memories circle cutter.
  • Stamps & ink? I honestly only use these occasionally, so no favorites there – same goes for paint.
  • Pens? These days I’m mostly using pens from American Crafts, although I have sharpies in different sizes and still love my Crayola marker in brown.
  • Adhesives? I pondered buying the ATG for years and finally took the plunge when my favorite Duck adhesive changed its format. Love the ATG; and I still use glue dots in different sizes and foam dots as well.
  • Things I’ve bought that haven’t worked for me: that giant staple thing [bought it really cheap – lol – see above], Fiskars shape cutter, embossing templates, sissix [although I do enjoy the cricut for alphabets,] and the coluzzle.
  • Inspiration? I still get one magazine: Scrap, Etc. & enjoy it each month. But much of my inspiration comes from blogs and on-line groups. [And I’ve also limited my involvement with these because of the time it can sometimes suck out of my day.]
  • I also love to take classes – but have become more discretionary in what I sign up for – I’ve enjoyed most every class I’ve taken on-line at BPS and with Jessica Sprague. And I love classes with Margie, Donna D, Debby Schuh, Teresa Collins, and Stacy Julian IRL. And Tim Holtz, oddly enough, since his ‘style’ is so different from mine, and I sooooo don’t use ink in my projects on a regular basis – he’s just a fantastic teacher.
  • I take a TON of photos [always have, even in the pre-digital days] and do my best to weed them out monthly on the computer so that I’m only keeping the best of the best.
  • Still, I only print a few of the ones I save. – I try to print at least once a month or so [when Wal-greens runs their special] and put these in a little accordion file on my desk [organized by month taken] so that I always have a few [or a lot of] photos ready to play with.
  • Even with this plan, I still end up printing a few photos here and there on the computer to meet specific layout needs. And I usually have some printed photos left that aren’t used any where. [I’ve NEVER felt the need to scrapbook Every. Single. Photo.]
  • Most importantly – I most always – always have my camera with me. I take random shots and posed shots; I take quick shots and others that I set up in my mind before snapping; I take photos of nature, people, places, and things. And I may take multiple shots of the same things from different angles and with different settings on the camera…

So there you have it – a little look into my scrappy world. Did I bore you with my rambling? Any surprises or inspiration for you? How do you create? What products are your favorites?


craftymom205 said...

All of my scrapbook stuff is divided into categories(destinations, holidays, etc.). Can't create without my cutterpede paper trimmer, scissors, cricut expression. Right now I am into making cards. Thanks for the insight into your world.

Scrapin Kat said...

This is so great! I love your advice Don't Just Buy to buy... Use or get rid of it... I think it holds folks from be creative, they are so worried about the lastest & greatest paper... But there will always be the next Best releaase... Most of my stuff is divided in colors, I love my Cutter bees, a cheap kraft knife that come 2./1, a trimmer, zip dry, I am not a gadget person and don't need every Cricut thing... I have a ton of stuff- but on my last trip... figured out don't need it.. so I am going back to basics- much less to haul! I have quit taking home everything new because I just look at it! I love kits, for inspiration, I don't follow directions so mine is always different! I love your inspiration.