Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. We enjoyed lettuce and onions from our garden this week – I made a huge batch of taco salad and it’s been yummy.
  2. Okay – so I’m not even a fan of Grey’s Anatomy [maybe watch an episode a season, if that. Haven’t seen even one this season…] But! OmGoodness! The season finale was wonderful! Two hours of great TV.
  3. One of my favorite joys in life is singing praise songs next to my husband in church. Yes! He has a wonderful strong and sweet voice, but just being thereworshiping together is so special to me.
  4. Three weeks out of the office has left me with more than enough to fill my days in the office this week. But it’s so good to be home.
  5. Speaking of being back at home – watching Idol while sitting on my own couch [after seeing it in a hotel room for the past three weeks] was a treat [you never realize how much you use the re-wind on dvr until you’re away from it – ha.] And I apologize for being [more than] a little grouchy when I was disturbed.
  6. As a result of said grouchiness I’ve now been tutored on how to set the dvr to record 5-10 minutes past the show so I can be sure and not miss the ending.
  7. I’ve found 3 four-leaf clovers in the last two weeks [different places – different days] – though somehow, I always feel like they find me. I have this uncanny ability to just be walking along and glance down – and WOW! There’s a four-leaf clover! I’ve been ‘this way’ since I was a young teen. Funny thing is that both my dad and Matt had / has this same ability. Weird, but fun.
  8. Enjoyed a little scrappy time over the weekend with a new group [that included some gals I’ve been scrapping with these last few months.] Completed a couple of pages and the scripture cards for the swap on FBP Yahoo group.
  9. Craig and I went to an estate sale [think: older hoarder man dies and family was so overwhelmed with his STUFF that they sell the house with all contents and new owners are cleaning it out] this weekend. Seriously, I bet I saw 30 cartons of 24 drinking glasses…So of course, we found some neat things; here’s what I gathered up and paid $8 for: old samsenite make-up case, print by Joan Miro [Spanish artist] from 1962,; two blue bell jars with glass lids, three college algebra books from the 1940s, a trigonometry book from 1929 [with the student’s name at Auburn University,] a copy of Days to Remember, two paper doll books, two photography magazines from the 1940s, a small green bowl [with brown swirl,] a old [really old] box of birthday candles, a metal bowl, and a green glass pitcher. Craig’s box [for $20] included: miscellaneous tools and an old reel as well as a box of [20+] small shakers that I plan to use for glitter, two city phone books from the early 60s, a bag of tableware that included stainless, silver plate and at a set for six of sterling [yippee!] and four trays of slides in metal sleeves. At least two boxes of the slides are HILARIOUS photos of Bo the collie from the late 1950s [1958 we believe.] I’ll share these with you as soon as I take the time to scan them in and you will see how we know his name – I have fun plans for Bo. He was quite adventurous.
  10. I got up early Sunday morning and worked in the garden for a couple of hours before church [it was sorely neglected] and could hardly walk yesterday when I woke up. So finally! I’ve re-committed to a regular walking routine [and maybe some stretching and free weights too.] Anyone want to join me? I’ll hold myself accountable by posting here each week.


craftymom205 said...

Love your ten on Tuesdays. I haven't gotten anything out of our garden yet but we have tomatoes-lots and lots of tomatoes.

LindainNCtoo said...

What a find at the estate sale. I love the make-up case!

I enjoy reading your 10 on Tuesdays, Judy.

Wildtree Island said...

I loved finding your blog! It had such a beautiful feel to it. ou really found some nice finds in that estate sale! :)

robin said...

LOve your estate finds. Glad your enjoying your garden veggies. I'm enjoying watching them grow. We won't get any veggies till at least July. In Indiana we just planted.

sandyh50 said...

I love this layout! I remember looking for 4 leaf clovers!