Thursday, May 27, 2010

everyday goodness

I think a posted somewhere a while back that I got caught up in all the hoopla about the
Liberty of London line coming to our local Target stores.
And – that I ended up buying the cutest umbrella [sometime in March.] So now I will share – that as of May 19th it had
never been used.
It’s not that it hasn’t rained – it has; I’m blessed to have covered parking both at home and at work. But!!! Last Sunday it “appeared” to be rainy so I pulled out my beautiful new umbrella and carried it off to church with me – and, you guessed it, nary a drop.
Still, as Craig said, it looked cute as I carried it around.
ard to Wednesday and as we were headed out to our weekly Mexican meal someone sat on the umbrella [innocently enough.] I was told the handle was broken, but honestly it didn’t SEEM so bad. Then THURSDAY IT RAINED – and I had someplace to go –
[Bible Study to be exact, with other ladies who would appreciate its cuteness – and, yes they did.]
– I pulled out my trendy
umbrella, and alas, with the force of the umbrella opened the little crook broke completely off. Sadness? Sure, but I’m not giving up! As you know, I live in a house of boys [ahummm, men,] and there’s nothing a little epoxy glue and [girly] duck-tape can’t fix.Thanks guys!

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Rebecca said...

Love your solution! I would have been so sad to discover it was broken!