Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. This week was filled with long days of training policy to workers from the Northern part of the state – whee. We try to break it up and make it fun, but we know we’re ‘pushing’ an awful lot of information to them in the four days they’re with us.
  2. I’ll admit, I was very concerned about possible cell phone / texting rudeness [last time we had attendees blatantly hold cell conversations as we tried to train] so I was VERY pleased to have the best group ever!
  3. While I was out of town I shopped at JoAnn’s and honestly, now that I get a couple of kits a month I just didn’t find anything I had to have. But I stopped at a LSS on the way home and found a great kit to use for some upcoming pages – I love kits – and for me they’re the best way to scrapbook these days!
  4. We are Idol watchers [American Idol, the TV show-] and I’ve gotta say that I was VERY surprised this week with the person going home. But America’s voting has been a little cRaZy this year [and I don’t vote so how I can complain?]
  5. Siobhan [Magnus] is a quirky girl with a great voice who appears pretty artsy in all areas of life and reminds me of a childhood neighbor. I wish her the best of luck and was surprised to see her go but I still hope Crystal [song posted here a couple of weeks ago-] wins.
  6. I am GRIEVING for The Gulf. I remember oh-too-well the destruction the oil spill caused in Alaska and my heart aches for The Gulf I love so much.
  7. And all the fishermen /shrimpers that I’ve met up close and personal [during the emergency food stamp application process after (hurricane) Ivan] – how will they survive? What will Bayou La Batre be like in a year or six months? It’s heart-breaking to me.
  8. Had a little scrappy fun on Saturday – until I became a little ill after eating lunch and had to exit quickly. Still, I did four pages, I think.
  9. Over the weekend, we were consumed with the need to get all the possible information we could about the flooding in Nashville. We watched You-Tube videos for hours. It’s amazing and devastating at the same time. As far as we know – our relatives’ homes were safe, but brother-in-law’s horse was evacuated…
  10. And as our youngest finishes up classes for his sophomore year at Auburn, our oldest took the next big step in this game called life and started his first ‘real’ job on Monday. We’re proud as can be of both of them.

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