Thursday, May 6, 2010

Judy's How-to Guide for Managing Face Book –

[My tips for organizing and staying in contact with my friends without giving up my life
&a nod to our study over on FBP Classes about de-cluttering our lives...]

  1. Set aside a self-determined amount of time to review and update with Face Book friends.
  2. Organize friends into groups [lists] such as high school - college; scrapbookers; friends; designers; family, etc.
  3. Limit your friends to those you know personally [unless you are a ‘known’ personality, and hey – I’m not.]
  4. Please don’t ‘friend me’ if you plan to hide me – I don’t post often and I’m not going to be sharing what I eat for lunch everyday…and I HATE being ignored [where's the 'dislike' button when you need it?]
  5. Likewise, limit groups and things you ‘like’ to only those groups you want to receive information / advertisements from. [Why clutter your updates with useless information? It's like inviting spam into your fb page.]
  6. Check upcoming events to see your friends' upcoming birthdays.
  7. Click on ‘Top News’ at top of page and scroll through the posts to see information that all of your friends has posted.
  8. Hide the games your friends play unless you’re joining in on the fun. [This alone cuts your fb clutter in half]
  9. Click on the left side bar ‘friends’ and go quickly through the lists [that opens up underneath this] to get the most up-to-date news quickly. If time is limited, choose those lists that are most important to you. - See #2.
  10. Check upper left to see notices about friend requests, email notices, and updates to posts you have commented on. These updates will also inform when someone has commented on your posts or photos.
  11. Remember, you do not have to click on every website, video, or note if you do not have the time or interest to explore further…
  12. Chat with friends [instant message] by clicking on ‘chat’ and a list will come up of all your friends on face book at that moment [maybe.]
  13. Check your profile page to be sure you see everything someone has sent to you directly. [It’s very frustrating to me to write something on someone’s wall and not get a response…]
  14. Check your security settings – do you want everyone to see your information / photos, friends of friends or just friends? – It’s up to you!


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