Saturday, May 1, 2010


I know there's a TON of activities planned around the country so I hope you have fun plans for the day! I thought it would be fun to share
the VERY FIRST scrapbook page I ever created.
Let me preface a little first - I've always loved scrapbooks and kept many [of what I refer to as the old-fashioned ones] during my middle - high school - college days;
and I've always - always loved photography... so one day back in the late 90s [?] a good friend of mine called me to invite me to a new home party - to create scrapbooks. She said - I know you'll love it because it's a great way to preserve all those photos you take. And after that first [CM] class - we were hooked - and made many a scrapbook page with white CM pages and bright Mrs. Grossman's stickers. - AND we were thrilled even if they did have stickers sneezed all over the page. We also begin to want a little something more and would search art stores far and wide for muted colors of acid free papers...
[No scrapbook stores back then!]
ahh - those were the days --
But my 'everything in a box'-organized-self longed for inspiration that fit what I desired: orderly and organized pages that still told my story
in an artsy-paper crafty kind of way.
Enter CathyZ And I've often stated that, "I love CathyZ! -In a totally neurotic scrapbook groupie kind of way! When her 'style' first became published - it was a total ah ha moment for me as I'd been trying so hard to scrap according to the floatie sticker craze that was going on at the time and just not loving my end results. It's like she gave me permission to be me.
And I love her for it.

So here's a few other layouts I've done recently - I know I like the way they look so much more - but for me, it's still all about the photos and telling the stories.
[using stuff from Dear Lizzie - professional photos] [from a class: close to my heart or stampin up]

Enjoy your day!


Catherine said...

Love the last two LO's, especially the one with the Dear Lizzy papers. Happy NSD!!!

LindainNCtoo said...

It is always neat to look back at our old pages to see how far we have come.

Also, we can see what new trends we were into.....I remember the paper tearing fad. Chalking fad. Eyelets...brads...ribbons..prima flowers...

Susan / PaperCrafter's Corner said...

Love these!! Thanks for sharing!