Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. Our baby turned 20 this week – that seems almost unbelievable. We’re so happy to have him in our lives! [ Blue hair and all -]
  2. After our stop at Little Rosie’s we celebrated the next day with thai food in between the storms – and were blessed to have only a few light thunder storms around here.
  3. I’ll say it again - one of my greatest joys is seeing my boys having fun being together.
  4. Panoply was this week and it’s always neat to see the art tents going up around the park below my office. And what fun it was to see the fireworks from the top of my parking garage!
  5. I know Mom and I talk about this every summer – but it really is amazing how differently our plants respond to rain as opposed to the sprinkler.
  6. On Friday [pre-rain] my squash barely had any of their 'real' leaves – on Sunday – almost 6…
  7. I came home to find a roomba waiting for me one afternoon – Drew and I named it Jack – and let’s just say its mighty fun watching Jack clean the floors up while I’m doing something else.
  8. He’s worked upstairs and down and I think I’m in love…the best thing is that he can get up under furniture that is difficult to do with a regular vacuum, and does a great job picking up the ‘everyday’ stuff like dust and pollen…
  9. And did I mention that Craig found him at Goodwill? New in the box? Sometimes I think it looks like we’re ‘impulse’ shoppers, when in fact, any one who knows Craig well knows he’s one of the savviest shoppers around. – We’ve been talking about getting a roomba for over a year now.
  10. And finally – yesterday was a holiday for me [Happy Birthday Thomas Jefferson-] and I had several projects I wanted to complete - I painted the four silver frames I bought on sale after Christmas [2008] black, finally; I dug up all the little [?] trees that had sprung up in the flower beds; and I tried and tired to get the BIG [to me] PROJECT completed, but after much frustration decided it was best to walk away for a bit – but I went back to it and at least one of the three pieces is DONE. It’s a start.

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