Wednesday, April 7, 2010

photo grabbing -

I must admit that I tend to grab photos [that my friends & family take] off the internet and play with them using Photoshop, or perhaps taking them on a picnik with me
[free photo editing, available for everyone.]
I usually send them a copy so they can see what I've been up to. And if I post it anywhere, I always - ALWAYS try to remember to give them photo credit.
Of course, I play with my own photos and share them with you from time to time as well - here is one that I LOVE – edited with picnik:

So, last week when my cousin John shared photos of the flowers around his house in Tuscan

I couldn’t resist this one:

I took it over to picnik and tweaked it by brightening it up a bit [a lot-?], saturating those gorgeous colors, added soft focal focus, and a very light dark burned edge. Voila!


John did such a great job with the photo composition

and I just popped it up a bit.

I think it’s lovely, and I hope you do too: It will surely show up on a scrapbook page

with a new favorite quote [having to do with our next study over on FBP-Classes] very soon.


Viji Siddharth said...

very artistic i think..

Shannon Marie said...

got my giveaway package today! thanks so much!!!