Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

  1. We love The Gulf - after we moved from Mobile we'd go back as many as five times a year; we missed it so.
  2. Now, if we can make time in our schedule to get down even once yearly it's a treat!
  3. The sugar-white beaches are beautiful to us.
  4. God's presence seems so much closer when we see the constancy of His creation.
  5. Fresh Gulf shrimp is delicious! But we only ate it twice this trip.
  6. Our favorite seagull greets us each time we're on the beach; what? You don't believe me? [Okay, I'll admit he changes a bit from year to year.]
  7. I ask myself - why do I continue to take photos of these seagulls [every. single. trip.] as if I've never seen one in my life?
  8. Using coupons from Restaurant.com helped us branch out and try new eateries.
  9. Tacky Jacks will definitely get a return visit.
  10. And finally, Golden Hour on The Gulf is my favorite time and place. Absolute.


Anonymous said...

i'm jealous that you get to visit the beach that much. We live in MO and the Mississippi is not as pretty as a beach. When we go on vacation the rule is it is not a vacation to me unless I get to go to the beach. Just long enough to take in the sounds, feel of sand in between my toes, wind, and a sunset is a bonus. Your picture are beautiful!
Joy- mclady

sheryl said...

I know what you mean about the seagulls. They are fascinating but just how many pictures of seagulls does one need? :>
I live less than an hour from the Maine coast and as a Midwestern transplant, I can never get enough of it, yet I don't get there very often. I see God's awesome creation every where but I see it most when viewing the ocean.

Viji Siddharth said...

Wow...I would love to start this ten on tuesdays on my blog..it will be nice to pen down what god has given me and to acknowledge and appreciate all the goodness in life.

patty w said...

Great pic!