Thursday, March 11, 2010


I hope to use these posts to highlight some creative ventures from areas in my life other than scrapbooking. We shall see how well that works.[photo above taken by MK's Mom]
Creativity can come in many different forms - building things up or taking things down, enjoying the old or replacing with new. Really just doing something that brings a little joy or happiness into your life. Recently we gathered together to take down the old metal building [we know it's been there 30+ years, maybe longer.]The creative process of disassembling was interesting to see as different ones had different 'takes' on how to best do it - but I love seeing how my family works together in the give and take of life to get the job done.In the end there was victory as the job was done and they stood on the roof of the building. Hauling it out to the street was the final step -And then, the old was replaced with new. Maybe some little planters or flower beds around the edges is a good idea afterall... I vote for climbing rose bush dropped behind Max's fence -- anyone?

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patty w said...

I love to see a group work session ! We do that often in this family. We all help each other out, friends , family, all are welcome ! And that usually means a some good food involved too!