Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1.Oh, Warm Weather, where might you be? I mean, I know it’s January, but I live in the South…
2. And I’m loving my fur-lined crocs we bought in Colorado-

3. Scrap time with gals I call friends is always a fun time!
4. 13 - Layouts finished makes the day complete!

5. My hair is flat – flat – flat – ever since we returned from Colorado – what happened to the ‘volume’ [frizz] that southern humidity always gives me?
6. Raccoons – there’s no secret we feed a herd of raccoons every night – but during the cold snap they were especially brave and would hardly leave the carport when we went outside…[Photo of this little guy was taken back in the summer-]
7. Okay – Sudafed – as much as I hate to rely on you– you are my friend, and have helped me make it through many a runny – sniffly day lately with my dignity intact [and some who have seen me sneeze know exactly what I’m talking about.]
8. Been trying to ‘watch’ what I eat – but am still enjoying a $1 sweet tea [okay, usually half ‘n half, because it’s too sweet for even me] most every day –
9. American Idol + DVR, need I say more? Love it.
10. And, FINALLY – yes, the Christmas Cards have been mailed. Merry New Year everyone!

1 comment:

patty w said...

LOL Merry New Year to you too! cute !

I didn't do very well getting cards out this year. Time went by too fast!