Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Snowmobiling – so beautiful [and FUN!] – Being up close and personal with the mountains is an unforgettable experience. It reminded me of just how big our God is – Amos 4:13, “He creates the mountains; creates the wind. He reveals His thoughts to us, mere mortals, and turns the dawn into darkness. He walks across the mountain ledges – He is God.” What an awesome God we serve!
2. And how blessed am I that He helps me overcome my anxieties so that I can enjoy His great creation!
3. Snow – snow and more snow – our week has been full of it! We had the opportunity to drive during a snow storm in Colorado on not only Friday evening, but also Saturday evening as we headed south and through the tunnel. And THEN – when we got home we had snow here too [and everyone knows how snow can shut down the South.]
4. While we thought Winter Park was fun – Keystone has won our hearts – could be because we stayed within walking distance of the lifts, could be because we could get there on a four lane road with no switchbacks, could be the gorgeous weather we had the entire time we were there – we loved it and would return again [and again!]
5. The heated garage was a plus too.
6. Altitude sickness or caffeine withdrawal? Waking up and talking to my boys only to hear Matt say, “Pay no attention to her, she’s talking out of her head…” And, I probably was – some things came out of my mouth that even I would stop and think, “Did THAT make any sense at all?”
7. Having time with our boys – and giving them undivided time together during this transition in their lives was a priceless gift for us. I love seeing and hearing them share so much together and as Matt gave Drew an extra long hug before heading back to AU without him I wasn’t sure I could hold it all in… Love them so much and am so very happy they love each other.
8. Snow Days home from work – to not only recuperate from our trip but also time to veg-out as I recovered from a terrific head cold.[out our front window at home...]
9. Snow on the ground – IN OUR YARD- for THREE DAYS – it’s been a very long time since we can remember this happening. Along with that - Frozen Pipes on Sunday making it nearly impossible to get ready for the day.
10. And finally – back to the ‘ole grind – but really – I’m ready for some sense of a routine where I can look to my calendar and see what’s happening in my life.

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