Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've Been Published!

I’m sure that I’ll be sharing more [and more] snow photos in the weeks to come as I begin to shop them up a bit, but for now I have to share that --

[Guess What?!?] I’ve been published! Yes!
I’ve only rarely submitted scrapbook projects for publication mainly because
1] It’s just too hard for me to keep up with the name / brand of each little piece of the whole [ you have to give a list of brand names for each thing used on the page...], and
2] While the idea seems fun, it’s never been something I’ve desired enough to make a ‘job’ out of it [and believe me I’ve seen people work four + hours a day creating layouts using photos that they ‘grabbed’ from others and creating a story to go with it just for the purpose of publication – and I know that’s not for me. I want to tell MY story authentically]

But I’ve always toyed with the idea of submitting to the Hobby Lobby Magazine, “Stamping – Stationary – and SCRAPBOOKING” because they are a faith based company and might embrace some of my faith based layouts a little more easily than other publications. So last fall I bit the bullet and submitted several projects and was so pleased [and surprised!] when I got the call that they wanted me to send in the actual project of a few of my creations. Wow! But even then, they assured that it may not all be used in the magazine. So I was thrilled when I received an advanced copy of the 2010 1st Quarter Issue [available at Hobby Lobby stores throughout the nation] and there was in fact three of my creations published [as follows]:Page 20 – The beaded placemat wall hanging that I did to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. – Just a fun little [? – it’s actually about 15 inches wide] thing that hangs in our foyer during the winter months. And,
Page 34 – A fun little layout I did to celebrate MK’s 1st birthday [most everything on this page is from one of my kits from The Girls’ Loft] I may go back and add some hand-written journaling on those lines there… And lastly,Page 60 – This has always been a favorite photo and story of mine. I took the layout I’d originally done back in ’02 and re-vamped it with current papers and the JBS card. And did you know that Matt had a little 4-leaf clover finding expedition during this past fall as well? The last one I found was in ’07 – so the ‘gift’ is still there. LOL

I’ve recently sent a whole bunch of new layouts to them and am waiting to see if my ‘luck’ holds out and I have more chosen for the next publication – if so, I just may be encouraged enough to submit to other places as well…time will tell.


Marci said...

Congrats, Judy!!!! Awesome place to be published and very well-deserved!

patty w said...

Congratulations !

I've never seen this mag before but we don't have any HL near us either. Our stores don't seem to carry any stamp/scrap magazines.

M.K. said...

WoW!!! congratulations! these pages are great ... and you know i'm gonna have to put this link my FB too!

Lucinda said...

Congratulations! We don't have a Hobby Lobby around, so I am glad you put your projects here so we can see. Beautiful work.

Jana said...

Congratulations on being published. I understand how much work goes into each submission. They are all great projects, I see why they were chosen.

Martha said...

Congrats Judy. I love Hobby Lobby and this magazine. I will being going to buy it this week.

Love your projects.