Saturday, October 31, 2009

Been walking down memory lane...

And I'm surprised to find that I don't have photos from Every.Single. Halloween. that we have celebrated [and I'm more than sure that each and every one was celebrated at this house!]
But here's a few to share with you - I've actually scanned and printed each of these [and more] individually and put them in a little mini-album made using the entire kit from The Girls' Loft - but I just haven't taken the time to scan the album... maybe eventually -[as always - click on the photo to see it larger]
1. Matt in his bee costume; 2.All of us & Ryan at Cornucopia in the Botanical Gardens; 3. Drew wearing Trey's clown costume; 4. Drew as Peter Pan for 'storybook' day - no celebrating Halloween at our schools - but we still had dress-up fun on the day nearest to Halloween - ha!; 5. Both our guys at Opryland's Halloween Spooktacular; 6. Matt as Frankenstein for storybook day - we had to search HIGH and LOW to find that little book for him to take along!; 7. One of them, maybe Drew, as Bugs Bunny [Mom made this costume for Joey]; 8. Drew and Ryan; 9. Matt and Drew as Ninja Turtles [Mom made these costumes for the boys - she didn't have a pattern for Matt's - too cute!]; 10. Our Halloween cake; 11. Matt in the big Ninja Turtle costume [we still have these btw]; and 12. One of them scaring the trick-or-treaters [I'm thinking this is Matt.]

When we moved to the 'old' street a few years ago --
Halloween lost its glory for us.
There are no lights on in our neighborhood, and no trick-or-treaters want to navigate 1/2 acre up a hill to ring a door bell anyway...
But back in the day - we had some really fun times!
Happy Halloween!
Be Safe! Have Fun!

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M.K. said...

on the teenage mutant ninja turtles pic... do they both have "R" on their belts -- are they both raphael? this is funny to me b/c one year kyle & i both dressed as robin. no one dressed as batman, but we were just two robins. it made sense back then & it makes me laugh now. oh yeah... and curt was a gorilla. like that made sense too! HA!