Monday, September 7, 2009

While there's plenty of labor to be had

...I've spent the day playing!
[Well, I DID dust the downstairs and clean the kitchen...]
I think I've finally finished up all my projects from CKU
[Once Upon a Time = 22 pages front and back; Little Yellow Bicycle = 20 pages front and back; and my Teresa Collins album = 10 pages front and back- whooo!]
Again, keep in mind that I've added additional pages to a couple of these. The travel album is big and complex, and I know some of you want to see it - but I just don't have the get-up-and-go to photograph each individual page...I did do a very rough photo and crop of the TC album and will have it up later in the week.
[My spin: My Fabulous Life at Fifty]
But, for now - I want to share what I've done with those little 6x6 pages we make on Thursday - at the Inspiration Stations, if you will join me's not that I'm not a fan of mini-albums, but, truthfully - I've never [ever] used the pages we've made at CKU on Thursdays... and I wanted to change that this year - so I determined that I would combine the two from each designer and make a 12x12 page that I could enjoy in my albums. I always have plenty of photos to work with
[you'll notice that I didn't take most of these,
and really couldn't tell you who did...]
I had a little fun today pulling these together. Hope it's 'inspirational' for you too.
[Oh, some will realize that there a few 'inspiration' projects missing in action, and I'll admit, I just couldn't make them work -- for me -- so they went in the old stuff give away box. And I realize the photos of the layouts aren't the best of the best quality - but I think perfection is over-rated and you can get the idea from these...]

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