Friday, September 4, 2009

Encyclopedia of Your Ordinary Life - H

A few years ago I had the opportunity to complete this extraordinary scrapbook album designed by CathyZ and based on the book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Rosenthal. While I still haven't read the book, I love the concept of this album - a random sampling of those ordinary facts about your life [my life.] The homework involves keeping a list, A to Z, of random memories for several weeks and then gathering photos [or not] to support these memories. Love it. The album is really very simple [a la Cathy Z] and easy to put together with only two square photos per page and two to four 'definitions.' Have I said I love this album? And I want to share some of my life with you so I've committed to do just that in 2009 [keep in mind this was completed during the summer of 2007.] I'm going backwards and today I present:H
Our enjoyment of hot air balloons began at our first Jubilee [Decatur, 1989] and has only grown since then. Beautiful, oh so colorful, and seemingly effortless flight is a wonder to behold. From time to time we discuss the possibility of owning our own, but so far [] we’ve managed to just get our balloon-fix from helping friends who have one. Getting them up and taking them down is a lot of work – but so very worth it!

Joe had near-perfect handwriting and would always hand-letter Mama’s VBS posters and Bible verse strips. In second grade he sat me down at the table and made me practice writing [with a finger placed between each word] until mine looked pretty good too. Throughout middle school and high school Jackie and I had almost identical handwriting. I wonder, did Aunt Christine sit her down too?

This is one of my favorite television shows. I’ve loved medical shows all my life [think: Medical Center, Marcus Welby, MD, etc.] so now that I have a little time to watch TV again – I’m loving “House.” He’s a quirky, grumpy doctor who is, of course, brilliant and can usually solve any problem. And boy do they come across some severe medical problems on this show! Still, if I’m not home on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m., we record it and I watch as soon as possible

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MiamiKel said...

What a blessing that I stumbled upon your blog today! I googled faithbooking and was lead here, first stop and am in awe of the post on a-z journaling and writing down memories. Thank you for the inspiration! Blessings!