Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another rainy day...

not that I'm complaining - I worked in the garden for a bit this morning - during a short break in the rain - picked tomatoes, harvested the sun flower seeds, and composted - what a mess that was! [Gnats EVERYWHERE.] I also cleaned up the kitchen and scoured the downstairs bath...

Then I settled in to complete my Jessica Sprague photo editing class that I started a few months back. [So wonderful that once you're in the class you can go back and review the lessons as many times as you want. Love that.] I did 12 of the 14 lessons today and have to admit I'm stuck on the story board - I just can't seem to get my third mask to work the way it should.
And. I'm. Frustrated.
So I'm stopping for the night and will start again tomorrow afternoon with
fresh eyes and outlook!

Here's some of the things I've learned how to do - using photos from a little photo fun Craig and I had yesterday on the way to Nashville -
an ENTIRE field of sunflowers
[note to self - mark calendar to seek out this field the first week in September next year!]multiple textures over the photo - not a technique I love - but I gave it a try --vintage - fun to do and I played with the painting / soft light technique and
love what I can do with eyes on a close up -
[I'll do an another post of things I did with vintage techniques soon.]
type and frame + more of those textured overlays...
I made them lighter and I'm loving this one...

Through the Viewfinder -
oddly - I do like these overlays...
They are supposed to look like you've taken the photo through a view finder of an old
- think brownie - camera...
[and even though I've lost ten pounds this summer -
this photo is good incentive to get back on the wagon!] [more] textures... frame and word art using a mask to re-color a black and white -
Love this technique.clipping mask [pre-made]
Notice that's white and sanded around the edges...burned edges - very subtle - the color is a little darker on the edges.. brushes and frames

I love what I see others do with photo shop but just hardly ever take the time to sit down with it to learn and practice and play - so today was a good day - I'm feeling a little more comfortable with the terminology and tools. Now, I'm looking forward to playing with the pioneer woman's free action sets and downloading more free brushes[so fun -like stamps] and frames!
Let me know which techniques you like the best!

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