Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hmmmm, I think the

fairy visited me last night!What a surprise to wake up to a party of CROWS in the yard! [And I'm still trying to figure out how they tethered one to the tree to
caaaw caw at me the whole time we were taking photos!] Funny, I don't feel 'old.' - but a recent government grant I worked with defined elderly as anyone "50 or above" - go figure... I think I"ll stick with "50 is the new 30,"
but go ahead, bring on the senior coffee!Thanks to YOU [and you know who you are!]
for starting this birthday in a fun way!


Marci said...

Oh, this is tooo fun!

Gloria L. said...

Have a great day, Judy!
Gloria L.

Cindy L said...

Too sweet! I love those cute little crows!

Vicki M said...

I am right behind you! Can you believe we are "senior Citizens"! Don says he can't wait to get those discounts! LOL
Hope you had a great birthday!

Love you!