Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden Update

Made my quick and easy [Desperation Dinner's version] Jambalaya for dinner tonight and
added fresh green beans and banana peppers from the garden...yum!
Things just keep growing along and I'm afraid I'll soon be at the
'I can't keep up with picking it' stage -
As promised - here's some photos of the really pretty tomato arbor Craig and the boys built.
Since the garden [and tomatoes] are planned as permanent fixtures in the new location I thought it would be a great idea to do one big - really nice- tomato box instead of having to do a new one each year.
This is wonderful! And I think it'll look pretty even in the winter when the garden's resting.
Lots of flowers growing too -I'll add photos of the zinnias, butterfly bush, lantana, and sunflowers next week.
Until then, I'm interested in finding some really yummy eggplant recipes!Any ideas?

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