Monday, June 29, 2009

Catching Fireflies - 5

Light House

Patsy Clairmont: “I’ve known a plethora of light houses…walking, talking, bona

fide lit towers who, at critical moments, through tumultuous waters, have guided me and others to shore… Two lighthouses aligned – one taller, one shorter – are said to form a ‘range,’ used to help ships navigate tricky waterways and dark coastlines. Scripture tells us that where two or three believers are aligned in agreement, Christ is in the midst of them. Christ loves when we come together in harmony and in the best interest of others. His whole ministry was outreach to others. He taught the sinking Peter who it was that could lift him out of deep waters. He taught the shipful of frightened disciples that no storm could overtake them if He who created the sea and stirred the waves was in their midst.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 & 4:9

We become lighthouses powered by the hope we have in Christ. We have the responsibility and joy of standing tall and shining bright – with all of our heart, soul, and strength, right down to our last moments and our last flinching muscle, flashing out – for others on dark seas, our gratitude.”

Faithbooking Prompts [Questions from the book]:

  • Who make up the plethora of lighthouses inn your life?
  • Who has ‘towed’ you in? When?
  • What makes your eyes flash with passion? Pleasure? Purpose?
  • Who do you need to thank? What will it cost you?

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