Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've been meaning to share this for a while now - and got busy with life, didn't get the photos, etc, etc, etc. Sometime around the first of the year
[when the crappie started biting]
Craig set a life goal to catch a crappie-a-day for each day of the year -
so I thought he needed a cute book to keep track - a perpetual calendar of sorts -
and got busy making one for him. I used a white 8x8 album that I'd received free at a CKU crop / CK convention [can't really remember...] and covered it in torn strips / pieces of brown
[think paper bag] paper and
covered it in mod podge [you know I love that stuff!]
I was going for a masculine-like look with a technique I'd seen Doug use on a den wall on Trading Spaces [many] years ago. I really like the way it turned out. I used the same brown paper [I love this stuff too and have a ROLL of it] to print the calendar off the computer and then some coordinating papers
- favorite fishing photos from through the years
[and space for more as the years go on]
and voila! a cute little calendar where he can keep up with the fish [crappie!] he's caught through the years. And as you can see, there's been
some fishing goin' on 'round here![We're thinking that fish will become our new 'traditional Easter dinner'
- what do you think?]

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Donna said...

What a great fishing book!! I like the bown bags used, such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing.