Friday, April 3, 2009

Born to Be Wild - Faithbook Class

Friday Update - gotta be honest here - I was hoping for a little more participation in this class. Several have written to me and are loving the book, but haven't had time to do the faithbook challenges so I'm hoping you'll be able to finish those up and use them as a way to show your faith on your scrapbook pages.
The deadline for posting your layouts somewhere [your blog, the FBP Yahoo Group, another photo / layout site] is Friday April 10th.]
Be sure to comment here so I'll know you've completed them -
At that time I'll look through, do the count and
announce the winner for this class on Saturday April 11.
I want to encourage you to use Jill's writing as a jumping off point to think of other ways to incorporate faith to your pages. Let me know when you do!
I LOVE to see others' faith based pages!
And I'll be announcing another faith based pages class in a month or so -
think lightening bugs [have you seen the first one yet? We have seen them as early as March in the past - but so far no go this year!] I'm really excited about it too!


Katherine said...

I love the class and I have been trying to get everything together and done but, truthfully, I have been having a hard time dealing with yahoo lately. With everything going on and yahoo connection hit and miss I feel like I am way behind.

I will get all of the pages I have made posted to the group,hopefully this weekend.

This has been a fun class and has really made me stop and think!

Anonymous said...


I loved the study and have posted as I wrote you. I will complete the 5th challenge today. My only disappointment - I related to the lady on the cover of the book as Jill, not realizing until the end it was not her - her photo on the back. Bummer - she looked so RESPONSIBLE in the back-cover photo. I liked the one jumping on the cover.....that is my style!

I loved the book and have read snippets to my husband. Have to figure out who to put as my mentor.

Can't wait to see what is next!