Friday, April 10, 2009

FBP Classes Participation Award[s]

Thanks to all who have participated in the class in one way or another. I've heard from many of you, and understand how our busy lives can keep us from creating at times --I just paid for a six week class with Shemille and never got past the planning stage - but I know I have all the plans laid out when I get ready to start on that project - so I'm hoping those who didn't have a chance to complete faith layouts this time around will tuck these ideas away and come back to them later. They're tagged on the blog as 'fbp classes' and are on the Yahoo Group [FaithBasedPagesClasses]as well. I encourage everyone to go to the Yahoo Group Photo section and take a look at the fun layouts created with inspiriation from this awesome book! I know I say it over and over - but I really do so enjoy seeing how each person puts a different interpretation on the ideas given. Great job ladies!! We had a tie for participation and since it was a tie of two I"m sending some crafty goodness to both of these ladies - booklady and misgive -- Pam and Kim, please send me your address so I can get a little something in the mail to you. And thanks to ALL who participated!

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Katherine said...

Congratulations Ladies!
I thought we had until tonight to post our layouts - I haven't finished them but I was wrapping them up. I haven't been near the scrapping stuff for a while. At least I will have my LOAW uploaded on time tonight. LOL!

Thanks for a great class! I'm sorry I was unable to post more but I certainly enjoyed reading & keeping up with everyone elses posts.