Friday, April 10, 2009

Encyclopedia of Your Ordinary Life -S

A few years ago I had the opportunity to complete this extraordinary scrapbook album designed by CathyZ and based on the book, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life by Amy Rosenthal. While I still haven't read the book, I love the concept of this album - a random sampling of those ordinary facts about your life [my life.] The homework involves keeping a list, A to Z, of random memories for several weeks and then gathering photos [or not] to support these memories. Love it. The album is really very simple [a la Cathy Z] and easy to put together with only two square photos per page and two to four 'definitions.' Have I said I love this album? And I want to share some of my life with you so I've committed to do just that in 2009 [keep in mind this was completed during the summer of 2007.] I'm going backwards and today I present: S

I’ve loved scrapbooks all of my life. Mama would take hers out of the little yellow suitcase and let us look through it only occasionally when we were young. During high school and college I begin keeping my own memory books and while there were always plenty of photos – it’s the memories that I hold dear and hope to preserve. Once a couple of years ago, the boys were looking through some of my high school ‘work’ and declared it a time capsule! And that’s what I want – our memories preserved so others who come after us can see what our ‘every day’ lives were like.

In the South – a special time of renewal and new life! I’ve always enjoyed hearing Mama point out each little new green leaf as things came back to life, but in the Spring of 1978 when I drove home from the baroness of winter in Utah and smelled [and saw] the lovely magnolias, iris, and other spring flowers of the South – I knew I was truly home.. It’s a special time and place to be!

My favorite kind of cat. And I’ve had several throughout my life. My earliest Siamese was Samantha when we lived on Lewis Street and I had Kinker for several years while we lived in Mobile. But Toonce was a favorite and she lived with us for 16 years! Really beautiful even into ‘old-age.’ Now that I have quiet non-Siamese cats, it just seems a little weird…

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