Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Born to Be Wild - Faithbook Class

5 – The Attitudes p 187 – Find a Mentor. This is a free faithbook class based on the book, Born to be Wild [rediscover the freedom of fun] by Jill Baughan. We'd love to have you join in, post a link to your work in our comments, and the top three participants will get a prize.

My Take: This led me to think about…mentors in my life – and believe me, I have actively searched for mentors during particular phases [for instance, raising teenagers…] but have also had mentors placed in my life at different times. Love having the women in my life who have modeled God’s faithfulness and fun throughout their lives even as they have become grandmothers, grown older, and faced illness and loss. But the one I scrapped about is one of my cousins whom I never knew well, but always heard stories of her adventures throughout my childhood. And I think hearing these stories helped me to realize that I could step out of the box and do whatever I want with my life. In the journaling I write what I remember about her - since she died at a young age I never knew her as an adult - so the memories are from the eyes of a child...

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