Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Once a Month [old stuff] Give Away

Okay - so I have bunch of stuff that needs to GO - and I'm really tired of seeing the OMG abbreviation everywhere [I try hard to make my mind read 'oh my goodness!] so am hoping that we might also come to think of it as 'Once a Month [old stuff] Giveaway! I plan to randomly draw a name from the comments each month and send that person a little bag of goodies that hopefully they can use [new to them and all, you know...] So March's OMG goes to Morning Dove - send me your address and I'll get some stuff in the mail to you!


morningDove said...

OMG i love that idea and to think i won. thank you so much, my word verification for this post "mericul" looks like, sounds like "miracule." yes, i need one.
you are so right - one man's old stuff another's gift.

Lizard said...

You are so generous. cant wait to check out more of your blog.. i love doing layouts for my faithbook! God bless