Friday, March 13, 2009

FBP Classes Born to Be Wild - Revel in God

What do you have to celebrate in your life right now? For me? Our boys are home from school for a week - yay! So fun to have some time with them! I thank the Lord every single day for my boys. So I encourage you to look around from big to small - take the time to thank the Lord for the things He so freely gives. One of the speakers at my recent women's weekend encouraged us to spend at least five minutes a day with our Lord? What?! The truth is that so many of us spend less than that in undivided time - yet we call Him our Lord. So they encouraged us to spend at least 5 minutes a day and thirty minutes once a week and a day ALONE WITH OUR LORD at least once a month. I'll confess that my regular routine is somewhere between 5- 20 minute daily, a little longer on weekends, and several hours alone with my Lord a couple of times a year. - And those extended times alone are so special and uplifting - I encourage you to schedule some extended time with your Lord.Would love to hear about your quiet times -
To clarify a class question - participants have until the end of class to post all of their entries [either on the yahoo group or give a link to your blog, etc.] Winners will be announced at the end of class.

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morningDove said...

my quiet time consists of getting my journal, pen, daily devotional book and One Year Read through the Bible first thing in morning before getting out of bed and reading, praying. The most precious time i ever spent drawing close to our Lord was a 40-day water-only fast. It was amazing. Would like to prepare for that again.