Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Library of Memories System

LOM – My Albums
I’ve never felt the need to scrap every. single. photo. In fact, when I first started scrapping [back in the 90s] product was expensive for me so the goal was to get the gist of the event down in just a couple of pages…including a focal photo, some memorabilia and a scattering of stickers – wherever [achoo] Really, this was what I was 'taught' - here's my first archival scrapbook page:
[the bone was the invite - and the journaling was put in several years later...]

For many, many years I scrapped chronologically – limiting myself to two scrapbook pages per event or season, highlighting the child whose album I was working on at the time. [For years I did layouts of each event for three albums.] This is good – and bad. My children have only five albums to deal with [preschool, elementary, middle, high school, and college, in progress,] instead of one or more for each year of their lives… [I can't imagine where I'd store 38 albums if I'd done an album a year for them...] and I have an album [or less] for each year since we’ve been married. These albums are full of events we were involved in – with an occasional memory page thrown in. These last few years I’ve expanded my scrapping to include many more memory layouts that have nothing to do with an 'event' in our lives and I’ve thrown in the occasional ‘just because’ layout that has a fun photo or meaningful quote. So these are my albums today:

Included are the boys’ albums [in CM type albums] and my yearly albums [I complete these, still - am moving toward all AC albums] as well as my heritage album [“People We Love” – divided, again, by family name], a “Just Because” album, and an “All About Us” album. The albums are housed in the playroom and in the office near my scrap area. I also have an 8x8 album that I use specifically for faith based pages [although these are also scattered throughout all of my scrapbook albums.]
[8x8 and 6x6 albums, as well as two-up albums are on the bookshelf]
I enjoy doing lots of mini albums and photo album scrapbooking, highlighting a specific trip, or theme. [I have a 7x7 Disney album that has two pages for each of our trips through the years. Is this the only place I’ve scrapped my Disney photos? Not a chance. But it is fun to see how we’ve changed through the years as we’ve enjoyed the most magical place on earth.] These albums are on the book shelf in the office and in a basket in our living / dining area.
Thanks for looking and I hope it's been helpful as you begin / continue your journey into the LOM system. Make it your own!

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HeatherQ said...

Wow! It looks so neat and organized! I love your first page. Thanks for sharing it! It looks very similar to my first page, although I went back and added to mine to bring it a bit more up to date. Thanks for sharing your LOM! I'm loving it!