Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Library of Memories System

LOM - Other Memorabilia
We’ve always collected little bits of memorabilia as we’ve traveled through life [school projects, invitations, birthday cards, travel tickets & pamphlets, etc.] For me, school projects have always been kept by grade & child in a storage box in the attic. But as I begin to clean and purge other areas of my scrap space I begin to find all kinds of memorabilia that didn’t have a ‘home.’
My solution has been to place this in large zip type bags and keep in a box, ready for use on my scrapbook pages. Each child has a bag for elementary, middle, and high school [Their college memorabilia is kept in a file near our computer.] And there are bags for things we’ve collected during our travels. The kids’ bags will probably always be in this box, but the travel bags are disposed of once I’ve scrapped all of the photos / memories from that trip. The box sets on a bookshelf near my scrap area and I love that it’s easily accessible when I want to pull something out to include on the page.

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HeatherQ said...

That's a great idea! Thanks for sharing!