Friday, February 27, 2009

Enjoying The Gulf

Been down for the Alabama Social Work Conference - it's been years since I've attended this conference and it's been very nice to see some old friends from throughout the state - and of course being at The Gulf is always a pleasure...some photos to share:
and a note - this conference started in 1922 [!!] and they have scrapbooks with things from those original conferences [news clipping, mimeographed copies, etc] through today - basic scrapbooks with just clippings, programs, photos with names - but, oh so nice, to see how far the profession has come here in our state and also to see those who have paved the way for the services we offer [in all professions] today.
Very nice without all the hoopla of scrapping we use to create... so I encourage you to
- doesn't have to be 'all that' to capture something meaningful for future generations...

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