Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Name is Judy & I'm a Responsible Pet Owner

I'm not sure how much I've shared about what we call our cat - crisis around here - I know there's at least one post about giving kittens away that was censored and never showed up lest it offend some of our asian friends.... so let's just say over the last couple of years we've had a few more litters of kittens than anyone wanted - yes, they are TOO CUTE, and yes, we've been able to give them away in less than 20 minutes while standing outside of Wal-Mart [C says the best time for this activity is mid Saturday afternoon, after the kids have finished sports, but before they're heading to birthday parties - and he should know because he's had particular quick success in the give-away process] but they are also stinky as they get older and the mamma and daddy want to teach them how to hunt and their box is filled with chipmonks, squirrels, and even a rabbit... [our cats ARE good hunters...] This is Coffee [a Lat]:Getting Coffee 'fixed' was a time consuming process [in for shots, back in 2 weeks later for boosters, then back 2 weeks later for the surgery] and with our CraZy schedule it's been VERY hard to commit to this much time. But we finally said ENOUGH is enough and started this process in the fall - and a lase, she had the final surgery on the 18th. Yippee.

Only problem, we'd not been told that she would need to 'stay up' for ten days - as in ten days 'in the house.' Since we'd already planned to have friends over during the weekend [friends who are severely allergic to cats] we knew she had to stay put in the playroom upstairs. But like any good cat who's not used to being inside, she's going a little stir crazy, so for now she has the run of the whole upstairs. We love having her near us - she is the softer and more cuddly of our two cats. But seeing as how I haven't taken Zyrtec in about a month, I'm having some issues myself - kind of sad to be allergic to the animal I love most.... and we're thinking our oldest son may be having the same issues...he goes to the doctor tomorrow...

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Terrillyn said...

What a lovely calico! I'll bet she'll be glad to get back to the great outdoors.