Sunday, December 21, 2008

FINALLY - I've posted some of my Daily December Album. Look to the left and click on it to see them larger. The photos aren't great - but let's face it - we haven't seen sunshine for a while here in North Alabama so I had to just break down & take them with the overhead light on my scrapbook desk.

I used a spiral album that I picked up at a discount store. I covered the front and pages using a lime green - pink - & yellow scheme. I had to add pages to get the full 31. The 'base' page were completed before Thanksgiving and I've been adding photos and little bits of memorabilia as we go through the month. And I'll probably be 'tweaking' the pages and adding ribbon / stickers/ brads/ etc. until the end.... but this is what it looks like now. I've been considering inking / painting the edges of the pages and after reviewing the photos I'm pretty sure I'll go back and do that to give it a little more definition [it's most noticeably needed on pages 8-9 to me.] Enjoy!

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Erin Bassett said...

WTG on the Daily December album!!! It's SUCH a hard one to keep up on & yours turned out great!!