Saturday, October 18, 2008

Faith Based Pages

When I [finally found a copy earlier this year &] read Stacy Julian's book, Core Composition, I was drawn to two things: 1 - that her pages completed in the 90's look just like MY pages completed in the 90's [and for those scrappers who started this archival hobby way back then - well, you KNOW what I'm talking about!] and 2 - her use of the silhouette; EVERYWHERE. So I wanted to give it a try [and btw, she still enjoys this little technique as she challenged us with it during our Have More Fun class - you can see "Ninja Kitty" in the slideshow to the right-] I saw a couple of advertisements that inspired my design
[Dress Barn and soy milk, I think.]
  1. Print photo on 8.5 x 11 paper [might have an 8x10 printed] and trim out. [I actually trimmed my arm down a bit too - ha!] Place on 12 x 12 paper that has multiple doodles and scrolls [free hand these if you want-] Adhere so that photo is 'bleeding' off the page to the left.
  2. Computer generate title [reverse print] on the BACK of the paper you will use and hand cut. Adhere to page as shown.
  3. Computer generate your own 'I Believe' statements. Trim into strips; place a grommet, eyelet, or brad to the left; adhere to page, as shown, well maybe not 'as shown' - they're STRAIGHT in real life!
  4. My statements: "I believe... in a babe born of virgin... in the cross on Mount Calvary... in the miracles only God can perform... in the absolute love of Christ... in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit... in a Savior who died for me... in Peace that passes all understanding... in eternal life through Christ Jesus my Lord."
  5. Add shaped buttons throughout the doodles.

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