Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blessed -

I realize many will think I'm crazy - and while I prefer to call it quirkiness - I'll admit that I embrace it and have learned to live with it. Case in point - the car I drive.
I've gone from this:
You may recall the sadness I felt when the vibe [04] I'd been driving for the past two years bit the dust due being creamed from behind on the interstate during the summer. There were none to be found at the time, so we bought this beautiful green [yes, it is -] Camry. I think it's a gorgeous car - but it just wasn't for me. Sister had one and loved it, brother has one and says it's bor-ing [ but we have to keep in mind that he was driving a nissan z - a la james bond - prior to the Camry.] For me... well, it took a while to nail it down - and I finally decided it just wasn't FUN. I like a little smaller car, preferably a 5 speed. I drove a new beetle for 8 years...
[its peeking out behind the camry in the 1st photo.]

To this:

And I'm on the road A LOT. Craig had said when we bought the camry that we'd look at the vibe again when the '09s came out - so we did - and we still couldn't find one! They're selling like hot cakes [great gas mileage!] Finally our dealer here in town called and said there was one on a rail car in Nashville if we wanted it - not a 5 speed, but everything else that we wanted. So I compromised and we bought it
- sight unseen [now THAT is CRAZY],
not really knowing what the color would look like. It was delivered while I was out of town so Craig took these photos and sent them to me.
Love it.
The color is 'steele blue' - but it's really kind of a grey blue with a purple tint, need I say more? I LOVE PURPLE! Have had it for 15 days and it already has 1700 miles on it - like I said, I'm on the road - A LOT. So I feel so blessed that I can drive a fun little car that I'm comfortable in [can park easily, etc.!] And it got 37 mpg on this last trip - yippee! Another blessing.
The Lord and I have actually been talking alot about blessings lately and how I should accept them freely as He gives them freely. Sometimes that's hard for me. Somehow, I just don't feel like I deserve to have His blessings. But during this last month He's directed me toward scriptures and devotionals that confirm how much He loves us and that He wants us to be happy. Don't we serve an awesome God? I encourage you all to take a moment and give Him praise for the blessings in your life - all the non-material things we're blessed with as well as the things we need to live the life He's leading us to live.
Thank you Father, for loving us and caring for us in such tangible ways!

Now, I'm off to see how my caramel is coming along for a pie Craig is taking to a guy-gathering this weekend [it's a boil the eagle-brand milk in the can thing.] I'll post about it later -

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