Sunday, April 13, 2008

So I must be feeling

a little better... haven't quite been able to shake off the bug I got while in California - so finally went to the doctor yesterday and I have a good little case of bronchitis and an ear infection - who knew? I've been on my meds for about 24 hours now and I really am feeling a little better... even got a little craftie this afternoon [sooooo simple- two sheets of double sided cardstock from Fancy Pants, some grommets, some buttons, and a photo in silhouette --- been reading Stacy J's books and she has a history of REALLY loving the silhouette, so here's to YOU Stacy!--- and a little inspiration...]

First the inspiration [two advs. one for silk soy milk and the other for dress barn]:
And my take on it [fun - and with the silhouette, I could make my arms a little thinner - ha-ha-ha] - so happy to find this paper with the doodles already all over it!:
I scanned the adv. and printed the title in reverse on the orange side of the paper so I could hand-cut it. The journal strips look a little crooked on here - but they're straight in real life...


Terrillyn said...

I love your layout! I think I'm going to lift it and do one for me. I think I might also do one on my dad. I just have to think of something other than "I believe" for him.

Anne House said...

I love this- how awesome!! Thanks for sharing it at A Faith Perspective!!