Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random thoughts

Been a while since I've posted on my web -log [blog! I've just learned this week how it got its name!] and I've had a lot going on - no big projects really [although I'm forming some in my head] but lots of little things...

*catching up with the scripture of the week [Rolodex] cards - I'm doing at least two [front and back - 4 scriptures] per word and am happy to report that I'm only three weeks behind at the moment. [yay] Haven't been behind in looking up the scriptures - just in getting them on the cards.
*prom was this week and Matt and Susie looked cute as can be! I'll try and remember to post photos later...
*starting to sort digital photos per the Library of Memories system - once sorted [by category per year] I'll burn them to a disk. Plan to go back and get all those 'early' digital photos off the floppy disks too.
*THEN it's on to scanning my favorite photos prior to 1999. [I'd thought of printing from negatives - but searching through those was NOT fun - and photos are SO MUCH easier to see...]
*still coughing - but feeling better.
*finished up our quick and easy California vacation book [ only printed 150 photos from over 400 - pretty good for me...and didn't use ALL of those in the book.]
*eating blueberries every morning & trying to add more brain healthy foods like fish, spinach, and almonds to my daily diet
*no Hall of Fame for me - it was fun to stretch myself for this contest though
*ordered and received two of Stacy Julian's old books - Core Composition [yes! I found a copy!] and (25) Simple Scrapbooks . Have enjoyed them both, and one of the things I've enjoyed most since I'm a 'long-term' scrapper [archivally since 1998] is seeing how some of her early pages LOOK JUST LIKE MINE! Hey! We had very few products to work with back then.
*still looking for a new episode of HOUSE - I'm past the withdrawal stage...
*sorted through and [re] organized some of the scrap space
*enjoying a couple of new [to me] magazines: Rachel Ray and Real Simple - trying new recipes too.
* have just realized that I've failed miserably with the monthly contest over on the Yahoo Group - no contest for April, but I have the folder set up for May already [Heritage]
*had a couple of fun lunches with friends
* walking the steps and hill every day I'm in the office here in town
*loving spring altho the pollen is about to get me
*finished up a little 6x6 'going away' album for my supervisor who has taken a new position
*been really burdened for Angie Smith and her family [have never met her - but her story is on the blog to the right] and have spent a good amount of time in prayer for them

So there you have it - looking forward to my sweetie being home soon...

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Scrap Evangel said...

Whew! Busy lady. Did you have a good time on your vacation?