Sunday, March 2, 2008

Love my 'lil bit 'o Cream

That's the name of our favorite cat [we still have three.] After having our siamese for 16 [yes!] years - it's been hard for me to bond with these new ones. But I do love little [not so small anymore] Cream. Had some fun taking photos of him in the daffodils today... He really has a thing for sticks... Craig was holding one above his head - he almost doesn't look real to me -- This too funny!! But it looks like he's missing some teeth - I guess he's still a 'teenager' bc he's not quite a year old... This is almost as funny to me as the smiling bobcat we saw on display over at the Guntersville Lodge this afternoon... [Joey we took this just for you - got to practice that smile when you do a taxidermy project!] - just so happy to be there to welcome visitors to the lodge [which really is beautiful btw -]


Adriann said...

Too cute! That last photo is a hoot.

Cindy Lee said...
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Cindy Lee said...

okay, duh, I just re-read your post and now am thinking that's the smiling bobcat at the lodge, lol! sorry I misunderstood!