Sunday, January 27, 2008

Yay! It's DONE!

I've shared with some that I'm entering the CK Hall of Fame Contest this year - why? I've asked myself that very question MANY many times this week...putting the layouts / projects [ten in all] together was a fun challenge that I enjoyed - A LOT - and I'm happy with all of it and will enjoy them all for years to come [win or not] but I'll have to say that getting the portfolio together was even more so - because, you know me - it had to look 'just right.' I'm pleased with how it turned out. The front is just for fun because the meat of the contest is all inside and as much as I really want to share - it's no sharing allowed.... for now anyway. Now that this is completed I can get on to some other fun things - like the weekly scripture cards I'm doing with FAITH SISTERS. This week's word is 'beautiful' and I've just started the Bible Study with 'The Preacher's Wife' and the lesson was on that very topic today. I love God's timing! And I look forward to working on the two circle journals that came my way this week - one is 'favorite scripture' and the other is 'favorite recipe for a pot luck at church'. And I'll be gearing up to work on some projects for the Faith Based Pages Yahoo Group's Page-a-Day Contest beginning in February. Last year I did an 8x8 album of 'A Month in Our Life' and took photos and did layouts of our ordinary life. This year I'm hoping to focus on heritage type pages. Should be fun! [Thanks Cindy Lee for getting this all together!] And still loving my Gratitude Album - randomly thrown together with bits and pieces of my life and each week completed with whatever happens to be on my desk. I'll share photos of it soon...

Our hearts continue to be heavy for those we know who are having struggles - so much heart ache in this 'ole world. Please pray with us for a young mom we've known for years as Ralphie whose baby boy has just been diagnosed with leukemia. She's had her struggles in the past - pray with us that she feels the absolute presence of God during this time in her life. And continue to lift the Burgess family up - they've made such a public statement of God's faithfulness this week after the sudden death of their two year old son. You can learn more here. And see Rick's [the dad's] message at the Life Celebration Service Here and Here and Here. [In three parts on You-Tube]

So why do I scrapbook? I've always said it was my therapy - and how much more so this last year! Entering contests? Well - Let me first say - I scrap book for me. In doing this contest I did the layouts / projects in my usual style and did things I enjoy and captured memories I wanted to pass on to my children and grandchildren one day, including several about how awesome our God is. If I should win [and with only ten being chosen this year that's a huge 'IF' and I'd be incredibly surprised!] my hope is that I would have the opportunity to share the joy of faith booking with even more scrappers like me. And I have to admit that the prize package would be pretty neat...So, it's been fun - putting together the portfolio a little stressful, but I've given it all to the Lord...and as I've said about so many things - you'll never know if it'll work out until you give it a try!

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Cindy Lee said...

Judy, I'm so proud of you for putting yourself out there and trying out for the HOF! I've heard getting everything ready can be a very daunting task so huge "kudos" to you for going for it!

I'm very excited to start hostessing the February Layout-A-Day Challenge - all is ready and waiting to be posted and I hope that everyone have a great time and get lots of layouts done! We can start counting down now - only 3 days left til the fun begins...

Blessings, Cindy Lee