Tuesday, January 29, 2008

At work

this is what my office looks like these days. Anyone who knows me well knows I'm happiest when everything is in its place. Truth be told - I'm in the middle of updating the training material [and thus the training manual] for APS workers in our state - hope to have a training session approved for this spring and we've got to get this baby ready for printing before the middle of February. Plan to get it cleaned up and organized section-by-section...but for now - it's EVERYWHERE!

So to relieve the stress of work I've been scrapping! Randomly -- with whatever happens to be on the desk - no real planning here! I've enjoyed putting together LOTS of scripture cards for "Beautiful" and "Wait" - what a great word! - and I found lots of good verses about how we should wait on the Lord - but even better about how our Loving Lord waits on us - He soo wants us all to come to Him. Wow! A good little mini - study there! I'll post photos sometime this week [hopefully.] It's so neat to see my Rolodex becoming full and 'fluffy!'

But, for now - remember my 'Gratitude' album? I'm loving it! VERY randomly thrown together inside an
acrylic album and each week I'm putting together a little page of whatever is happening in my life [and again, using just whatever is on the desk at the time...] Each day I write down something I'm thankful for - small seemingly insignificant things and big awesome things. So - loving it and encourage everyone to give it a try with whatever you have on hand. It's fun...

Tonight is a stormy wintry night with LOTS of rain - much needed still in our area -- and sustained winds of 50+ mph[wow-] so we cooked up one of our favorite stay-in-and-get-cozy meals - Crab corn soup and Red Lobster
chedder biscuits. YUM-mie! I'm stuffed! I keep hearing things like transformers blowing [they've predicted major power outages] - so I'm outta here! - Just don't think there's much rocket testing going on tonight... but who knows?

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