Saturday, December 1, 2007

Slowing down

is still a process I'm learning. I think my normal life is pretty chaotic on the best of days and then during those months of summer my body was working overtime to keep me going - there was just ALWAYS so much to do - if I wasn't heading over to help with parents- then I was heading home to catch up here and at work, and always - always planning what had to happen next - because it was best to get as much done as possible since I never knew when I'd need to rush away again. And now that things are slowing down to my 'normal' chaos my body is creating craazy things to keep the hype up - when I don't need it anymore [or for now anyway...] So I loved reading this on Jody's blog this morning -

I am learning to be reflective,
to look back and enjoy the memories and laughter and innocence that life holds for kids at Christmas. I am learning to slow down and appreciate the present moment and to modify my expectations in order to enjoy the 'now' {although I still need some work on that's an ongoing process for me to live in and appreciate and/or modify the present}.
I hope to savor now so that in the future I can look back on it and love these memories and give them as 'gifts' to my kids someday.
Last night Craig and I went to a concert "Festival of Scared Christmas Music" and as I got in and started looking at the program I kept thinking of all the little [and not so] things I needed to do last night - and "just how long would we be here anyway?!" And this was my idea - so I just asked the Lord to help my body be calm - and help me relax in Him. It was a such a good evening and a wonderful way to start the Christmas Season with our focus on Him.** This was put on by a group called Keep Christmas Alive and of course I love their mission! That's Bob Smith on the website - a wonderful man of God who used to be one of the pastors at our church. All of the music was so so good- but have to say that This Hope did THE most beautiful version of "Mary Did You Know" that I've ever - ever heard. Love their music - kind of a smooth beach boy feel to it.

** [Then I was up until 1:30 getting things on-line for the DT, and some other little projects lined up as well. ] This morning as I was waking up that racing feeling was there again- sooooo much I want to do today - but again - I've slowed down and I'm in the present - accomplishing one little thing at a time [waiting on my boxes to dry after painting them - purple, gold, and green of course.] I'd LOVE to finish up my Advent Boxes - and plan to put the scripture from Luke 2 inside them. But I've decided that it's okay to hang it without the insides done for now. I'll show some photos later. IF I have a little time later on [in the season] I may get that part done, but for now I need to move on.

As Craig said the other night, "It looks like Santa threw-up" in our play room. He helped me get every last Christmas thingie out of the attic this week [so blessed to have a large walk-in attic] and I want to go through each and every box and do a giant keep /discard clean-out. [It's amazing how much you can accumulate when you have a giant walk-in attic! - This Christmas stuff is slowly - or quickly- making it not so giant anymore!] So break -time is over - promise photos later. And gotta say - despite the racing stuff - I feel really good [well, even] for the first time in months - so am really looking forward to enjoying each and every Christmas moment.

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