Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Cakes [and a glimpse into my craAazy family...]

a 'do-nothing day' ... and here I am on the computer playing around with all the holiday photos and wanted to share a few with a couple of stories to go along... firstly- last year my bro. brought a gorgeous cake to Christmas - purchased and pricey - but beautiful -we dubbed it "The Christmas Pear" - 7 layers with fondant icing. Really stunning.[I had all the 'spotlight' photos in another folder and have lost them in the great computer crash of '07] So throughout the year we've talked about how we could do this. And a contest would be FUN. So we played around with the idea , pushing it back out of the way with things going on, but having it creep back up every now and then. A couple of weeks ago the subject came up once again and I agreed that I could do a contest - my schedule was slowing down and I could work on this... even had an idea in mind. We discussed an easy fondant icing idea we'd found on-line [using marshmallows!] And I was ready! At the moment...

I'm not sure WHERE the week went, but the next thing I know - I'm getting ready for bed on the 23rd at my in-laws house and I receive a phone message with a photo of my brother and
cake EVER!

I panic - I HAVE NO CAKE FOR THE CONTEST! I've completely forgotten about it! The next day we'll be doing our Christmas with C's family and then the next day with mine. I figured - at best- I had a window of maybe three hours Christmas morning at my Mom's to get a cake together before my brother, sister and families arrived...
What to do? I WAS NOT going to show up entry-less!
I announce to C that we must go shopping for cake supplies before breakfast with his family on Christmas Eve -
and, I had a CUTE idea in mind -
but knew it'd take me several hours to pull together
[forget the fondant at this point - I KNEW there was no way I was going to pull that off!]
and while it would be pretty - I knew it'd never win against
Then I saw it! A little reindeer creation 'sculpted' by the cupcake masters of Wal-Mart's bakery. So I scooped it up - putting all my cake supplies back in their places and headed out - happily, knowing that while I WOULD NOT win this contest - at least I had an entry, and I knew we'd have some fun. [And being our first Christmas without our Dad - we needed all the fun and distraction we could squeeze in...]
We panned in tight with the cell phone and sent a photo to bro. [later he staid he was at his in-laws when he got it - and as he shared it - he said, "well, she tried..."
And I did - a little, anyway...
I'll share with you and let you be the judge:

Love how I appear to be asking, "What?! is mine not good-enough?"
And bro seems to be thinking, "Well - it is a little sub-standard..." So we had some fun, and at this point he was still thinking I'd actually made this little guy - until my oldest son, D, informed it was purchased and bro declared me dis-qualified!But just wait! He has a birthday coming up
and I have some ideas in my head --
- a hint--- I know how he loves salt-water fish.....
Happy cake-baking everyone!

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