Monday, February 4, 2019

I bought this wooden bell jar

cut out more than a few months ago from Pzazz Art Studio in Prattville. 
[She has THE BEST classes!]
 First, I painted the entire thing a light blue early one morning...
[mixed white and basic blue together right on the wood...] 
[KittyLou helped.]
 Then I added in the highlights and the lid, etc.
[greys - blacks - whites - and a bit of yellow]
You can go to the Pzazz website to see photos of other ideas!
Next I added some twine
[inspired by a project I saw over at The Olive Company -
I  wrapped it around more than a few times, 
and tied it off in the back...
[I love this bright blue on our front door!]
 Then I had several ideas of how it could go - 
 ... maybe add a cotton wreath -
[I still have LOTS of cotton
we gleaned from a harvested field before the wreath party!]
[And yes. It's still winter so the ice skates will stay out a while longer...
and the lighted tree stays out year 'round...]
... maybe hang our initial on it -
[Sorry no photo of that bc I'd already attached the wreath 
when I found the initial I wanted to use - lol.]
... maybe add a wooden 'welcome' - 
... maybe add a wreath from Hobby Lobby
...maybe mix it all up together - ha
[Truth is I didn't have enough decent looking cotton
left to do a wreath and I refused to buy the fake stuff. ha]
Right now, It's just the wreath with a bit of cotton on it,
and I love it.
I know I'll be changing it up throughout the summer!
Thanks Pzazz!!
Great project!

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