Monday, January 28, 2019

This year I'm going to try

to do a little monthly recap towards the end of the month - 
Truth is, I post a lot on instagram and facebook so most of you know what's happening in my life from there - but I can share a few extra photos for prosperity here on the ole blog...
So, little brother and I often have a discussion about those calico dogs and cats we made back in the day by covering plaster images with strips of fabric... to be honest, I have NO RECOLLECTION of the But LOOK! I saw these rabbits in a store just this month!
Add in THESE and I really do think we're going back to the 70's y'all.
Craig and I stopped by a yoga open house earlier in the month - 
mostly to see the view from it's space on the top of the Times Building*
 And y'all know I love an old building...
But I'm too frugal to give up my sessions with the Y... Just sayin'

We also enjoyed seeing Sean Dietrich over in Athens...
Had NO IDEA what to expect since I only know him from his FB posts - 
But what a great evening!
If you ever have the chance to see him - GO.
And, of course... even though it was a rainy 35* outside, 
we still had to stop by the Kreme Delite - 
we love the old-school ice cream drive-ins. Yum.
We had an afternoon with our boys at the shooting range
 - and I gave it a go. HA.
I call this peace in the midst...
[mandala made from bullet casings...]
I enjoy art!
I also worked on this bell jar door hanger early one morning... 
have it almost ready to share...
And I 'caught up' on a couple of Sunday Sermons I'd missed .. LOVE that we can search through the life stream videos and see the entire service...
LOOK! There we are during welcome just last week - lol.
And I leave you with this - 
In this world where we're being bombarded with being strong, being brave, etc. 
I kinda love this... there's nothing wrong with wanting to be the best you you can be, 
but I believe without Jesus we'll always be searching 
to fill our soul void with the things of the world... 
He alone gives us peace and purpose.
And oh, how we need that in our world today...

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Omaloriann said...

Love this, Judy! I've been feeling the urge / need to resurrect my blog too!