Thursday, January 10, 2019

Happy New Year!

Because of work schedules our Christmasing continued well into 2019!
 We celebrated New Year's with New York - 

Here are some highlights -
Christmas with Craig's side of the family is always fun!
We enjoyed dinner at little steak place we've been going to for years 
and then headed over to Gr-Mother's house for gifts and goodies!
Of course, it was hard not having his sweet sister with us this year.
But we were so glad we could see Billy and all the 'kids.'
We always enjoy getting together with my side of the family too!
This year we all gathered at our house [and let me just say I'm loving our 'sectional' that has all separate pieces so we can move it around however we need it -]
Alas, I was not prepared to play a  tune on my ukulele,
but Kelly gave the dulcimer a go - so nice!
Love these kiddos!

[And I got the stocking done!]
We also enjoyed our somewhat traditional New Year's gathering at Sho Gun, 
albeit, a day early because of work schedules.
Love our kiddos!
MK and I had a ton of fun welcoming the New Year
with some poppers that Craig picked up for us.

 - And while this is definitely NOT the most flattering photo of me - 
I love that it captures the fun and overcoming the fear of the 'POP'!
And that my friends, is why I was up at 5:30
to get back into a bit of exercise 
Let's make 2019 great!

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