Monday, September 10, 2018

I love getting together with friends

to get creative while we dig into The Word!
Just look at what a great group!
I trrrrrryyyy to have an idea to share each time I'm with them - 
And I always LOVE to see how each person puts their own spin on it!
Here's the idea I shared - with a list of verses on the back - 
And here's some of the wonderful ways this group chose to put it in their Bible:
 Some trace, some use it as a guide...
Some stay in the column of their Bible... and some fill the entire page -
I love it!
It's been a joy getting together and learning from them as I've watched some of them embrace their creativity while focusing on God's goodness.
 Looking forward to next time ladies! 
2nd Saturday 8:30 a.m @ Atlanta Bread on university, 
we'd love to have you join us if  you're local!

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