Monday, July 16, 2018


I completed the 100 Day Challenge - 
A challenge where you pick something [anything!] creative 
and commit to doing it every day for 100 days.
Here's some of the last of my pages -
I still have many that are inspired by images I find on google - 
And whatever's happening in my life at the time - 
So. Much. Rain, Y'all. 
And you know I'm THRILLED to have fresh tomatoes in my life again - 
It's sad to say, but I think this almost daily these days --
Enjoyed a little yoga with our sweet daughter -law last month...
And you know I do love The KittyLou - 
Love how my cousins pulled together to honor 
our sweet Uncle Elton  a few weeks back -  
[This is actually a clip art that I painted over -]
I turned flowers into fireworks!
Embrace it, y'all.
 I've already started another little Art Journal Course 
and flamingos were the them the first week!
So Fun!
 And that's it.
I really am tickled pink to have accomplished this -
 Especially since it somehow overlapped 
with the beginning of Art Journal Summer School.
I've already written a note on my calendar 
to start the 100 day challenge a couple of weeks earlier next year. ha.
Am I OCD or what -

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