Friday, July 20, 2018

Lottie Scotty Update #005-2018

Hey - y'all know we're not summer time campers - 
we prefer to spend our time outdoors during 
the cooler spring and fall months 
when the temps are hovering in the high 70s... not 90s. Ha.
But we did it anyways - lol
[Loving the new alphabet light garland!]
[See the windows on top have their covering on to block out sun and heat!!]
 We had a great time meeting new camper friends - 

Had a s'mores gathering, a potluck, and an open house !
We also had some time to relax with  #LottieScotty!
Oh! And there was a little sale - half of those train cases are gone!
 Leslee did such a great job with the goodie bags! 
If you want to see some of the best vintage campers - check her group out! 
It was FUN, but very HOT weekend... 
*Note: Obviously - I didn't take ALL of these photos!
Thanks to everyone who shares on facebook!!

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