Friday, July 6, 2018

I'm reading

lots of different kinds of books these days - 
A recent one is When Through Deep Waters
Alicen, the main character of this book, appeared to have a life that many people dream of when it all comes crashing but it all dissolves pretty quickly after a tragic event. 
This book takes us on her journey to wholeness after devastating losses. 
I enjoyed seeing that a deep friendship endured and that an old friend stayed by her side and had her best interest at heart even in the midst of adversity with her own family and those who were supposed to be helping her.
 Throughout the book there was subtle references to God’s saving grace, which I loved,  but I was concerned about the blurred line between hallucinations and spirits speaking to her --
and the implication that these may have been sent by God. 
 This bothered me to the point of skipping some of these sections, 
so to be fair, I may not have grasped the entire story. 
Still, I enjoyed seeing that in the end, she seemed to come to wholeness in her acceptance of her life and the relationships that surrounded her.
I love this quote, “Please don’t blame yourself for any of this … It was a journey I had to take. I was called here for a reason. I had to walk through these shadows to discover who I am. 
To find peace with the world and with myself.” 
My thought is that, with God, we can all find this peace she speaks about - 
I received a free copy of this book for review purposes - 
All opinions are my own - 

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