Monday, May 21, 2018

I love technology...

and that I can watch sermons I've missed on TV!
I've been catching up on some of the Jeremiah sermons
that our pastor finished up while we were out of town. - 
Also been completing my sermon notes in my Bible Journaling as well - 
Here are a few of those - 
I plan to do a complete [LONG] post once it's all done -- 
I'm trying to get the things that stood out to me written down in my Bible -
 As you can see - some pages are more artsy than others - 
And I'm okay with that, because what's important is that I'm recording how the 
Lord has spoken to me through these sermons  --- 
 I'd love to see how y'all journal your sermon notes -
If you post on instagram - tag me 

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