Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Well - here's the deal...

I try to post here on the blog several times weekly 
- but lately I just haven't got to it -- 
[sweet glider a friend picked up for us a few weeks back -]
And I try to keep to a schedule of sorts
 [ - scrap book - faith journaling  - 'round the house - on my bookshelf - recipes -
-  art journal -  here & now - project eighteen -  ETC. ETC.
Plus the posts that share our life a bit more - ]
And,  I usually try to 'catch-up' when I've missed some posts -
But I'm not feeling it y'all - ha.
'Tis the truth - 
 [Azaleas near our training site in Montgomery a couple of weeks ago - ]
Maybe it's the  pollen in the air, maybe it's the renovation I've partially started, 
maybe it's that I've been eating like crap and feel awful, 
maybe it's that winter will
 just. not. go. a. way.
 So I'm not going back to 'catch-up' on posts, there I said it.
I will share a few things from right here, right now - lol - 
Like our Easter goodies that I ate way too much of -  
LOVE those little paint cans with the bunnies that I used as cup cake holders! 
And LOVE the dogwoods in our yard!
They are SO GORGEOUS all over our part of town!
 Oh, and let me introduce you to Buttercup
- Craig's newest little project.
She's a 1967 Shasta Compact that Craig found for A DEAL.
[Of course he did.]
Look at the wings!
That's what gives her the most value, hmmm... character!
She's mostly gutted already, and while this is definitely his project 
[the one I mentioned above is totally different and MUCH BIGGER - I'll share soon enough,] I'm on board to help out where I can 
[the one mentioned above will be a joint effort as well!]
We're already on the hunt for the perfect yellow color because that goldie yellow has got to go - and I've already got some ideas for the interior colors as well -
Right now I'm thinking yellow and grey,
with a little vintage green [NOT avocado] added in...
we'll see...
I love this mid-century laminate I found - and am thinking it would be cool for the bit of counter space she has and the removable table...
It kind of reminds me of the table we had growing up...
But sister will have to tell me if I'm remembering that correctly - ha.
So that's it y'all. I'll see if I can get back on track for the rest of the month --
Happy Spring!
[It will be here soon!
I believe!]

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